Congestion Reduction Plan 2007


The Congestion Reduction Plan has been drawn up by Tyne and Wear’s Local Transport Plan Partners – the five districts of Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Sunderland, plus Nexus, the regional PTE.  It details our overall objectives and the practical implementation measures we will be taking. 

It should be noted that congestion is just one of the four shared priorities set out in the current LTP for Tyne and Wear – the others being road safety, accessibility and air quality.  Production of this report does not indicate any lessening in our commitment to address all the shared priorities and many of the schemes set out herein are designed to deal, not just with congestion, but with all of the area’s other shared priorities. 

This report outlines how Tyne and Wear’s Plan Partners will meet our targets for containing congestion.  It is based on robust, deliverable measures and is intended to inform and provide an action framework for everybody who will play a part in this process.  As a living plan, it will be subject to constant review and adjustment in regular monitoring meetings with elected leaders, members, officers and network managers.

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Please note that the congestion indicator has been adjusted by DfT and so the average journey time statistics in both versions of the Congestion Reduction Plan are no longer correct. Please contact Rachel McGraffin for further information.