LTP1 Delivery Report


Tyne and Wear’s first five year Local Transport Plan (LTP) was published in 2000 and covered the planning and delivery of a range of transport schemes and programmes in the conurbation for the period between April 2001 and March 2006. This first LTP for Tyne and Wear provided an ideal opportunity to introduce a step-change in transport infrastructure and service provision following years of under-investment.
During the lifetime of LTP1 over £150 million pounds has been invested in the region’s transport network from the integrated transport block. This has been supported with additional funding from the plan partners and other sources.

Tangible benefits have been demonstrated for the area, with over £87 million pounds invested in strategic major schemes.
The first LTP has seen the delivery of over 15,000 transport schemes of varying sizes. All of these schemes have been designed to make travel in Tyne and Wear faster, safer and less environmentally damaging whilst increasing accessibility and travel choice for the majority of residents.
However, the first LTP has not been simply about improving transport for its own sake, good transport infrastructure and provision is a means to an end. As this delivery report makes clear, many of our schemes and programmes are designed to reflect and support the wider objectives of the region as described in the respective corporate plans and community strategies of the Partners.  The first LTP has visibly supported the area’s social inclusion and economic development aspirations as this document clearly demonstrates, and we are proud of our achievements.

  • Delivery Report – Contents
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Impact of the first LTP part1, part2
  • Chapter 3 – Major Schemes in Tyne and Wear part1, part2
  • Chapter 4 – Contribution to wider objectives part1, part2
  • Chapter 5 – Progress towards targets
  • Chapter 6 – Delivery of LTP Strategies part1, part2 and part3
  • Appendix1– Finance Information part1, part2, part3 ,part4, part5 and part6
  • Appendix2– Maps part1 and part2