Local Sustainable Transport Fund

The Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority (TWITA) is applying for funding to the Department for Transport for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF), which is available over a four year period. This bid is on behalf of the five local authorities in the area and Nexus (Passenger Transport Executive). The Department for Transport advises that the key objectives of any transport proposals for this need to be economic growth and reduction of carbon emissions.

On Tuesday 5th April 2011 a stakeholder workshop took place and the presentations from this event are available to download here.

A key component bid was submitted on Monday 18th April 2011, based around travel to school issues, including measures to increase walking, cycling and public transport use amongst schoolchildren, and to tackle parking issues at schools. Approximately £5 million was bid for from the Fund. The bid submission consisted of a Letter from the Chair of the ITA, an Application form and Appendices.

We held workshops on Friday 20th May and Monday 23th May 2011. The slides from the presentations are available to download here. Outline proposals for a large bid application were submitted on 6th June 2011. This includes proposals to improve access to main employment areas, manage congestion on the main corridors, promotion of active travel (walking and cycling). The bid submission is available to download here. Shortlisted bids would be invited to prepare business cases.

On Tuesday 5th July 2011 it was announced that the ITA was successful in gaining full funding for the Key Component bid. The press release is available here.

In early August we were invited to submit a revised business case for the large project, with deadline 20 December 2011. A decision on this is expected June 2012. We held a workshop on Thursday 20th October 2011 – the presentation and notes are available here.