NewRail, a dedicated railway research centre based at the University of Newcastle, has just finished its intensive summer school on rail and logistics.  The feedback collected from the students, professors and guests who participated is excellent.  For 20 full days NewRail scholars worked with 68 students and 20 professors from 3 continents, 19 institutions and 14 nationalities. 13 research groups were formed to develop 13 different rail related research short term projects which were then presented back to the entire summer school.

Topics such as Railway Capacity, Sustainability, Reliability, Typical Rail Vehicles, Unconventional Rail Systems, Safety and Security, Intermodal Transport and ITS, Crashworthiness and ICTs were discussed and scrutinised in detail. Group working and presentation skills were a key component to the success of the Summer School. 

John Bourn from the Tyne and Wear Local Transport Plan Team and Michael Page from Aecom, who helps to manage the Tyne and Wear Freight Partnership, were amongst the panel of experts who quizzed the presenters about their proposals.

Picture of students attending the course

A combination of learning methods, including Lectures, Project-based learning and Technical Visits, as well as Thematic Seminars, have been employed to arm undergraduates with the skills necessary to pursue an employment in rail and logistics. For further information, please contact:

The RailNewcastle Summer School, first trialed very successfully in 2012, will be run again in 2014.