Public Transport

Efficient and effective public transport is critical to delivering our vision of Tyne and Wear as an area where all residents have access to a more prosperous, safer, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle in a more attractive environment.

We believe that:

High quality public transport in Tyne and Wear is an essential component of delivering the shared priorities of tackling congestion, delivering accessibility, safer roads, better air quality and contributing to other major quality of life issues, such as economic growth.

Tyne and Wear has a very strong public transport base. More people in the region use either light rail or bus to travel to work than is the norm for Great Britain as a whole – and car ownership is significantly lower than the national average.

Metro train

We are committed to ensuring that public transport in Tyne and Wear offers an attractive and viable alternative to the private car, whereby people use bus, Metro, ferry or rail not merely by necessity, but more importantly by choice.

For more information about public transport in Tyne and Wear, please visit the Nexus website.