School Travel Plans

Tyne and Wear Plan Partners’ School Travel Plan Officers work with schools across the Tyne and Wear region to encourage parents and children to consider more healthy and sustainable forms of transport when travelling to and from school. To achieve this, schools are supported in producing a School Travel Plan.

Ideas which can be incorporated into the plan could include:

  • Setting up Walking Buses – parent / school supported project for trained parents to escort groups of children to and from school
  • Establishing Park and Stride sites – where parents park away from the school gate and walk the rest of the way
  • Providing cycle and pedestrian training
  • Providing road safety education and resources
  • Improving public transport facilities to school sites

The Schools Go Smarter project, funded through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund,  is supporting the work of local school travel planners through offering funding for school initiatives promoting sustainable transport, such as organising and funding cycle training and assisting with the provision of new cycle links and supporting infrastructure, including new cycle stands and shelters.