Taxis complement the Tyne and Wear public transport system by providing a completely flexible service, available from any location at almost any time of the day or night.  As they operate on a 24-hour basis, they are crucial to the evening economy, particularly in the cities of Newcastle and Sunderland.

We liaise with taxi operators to examine how taxi and private hire services can be integrated with other forms of public transport, so as to use the best solution to meet local needs.

An independent study into the role of taxis and private hire vehicles in Tyne and Wear was carried out in 2008 and this has helped to inform our future strategies.  We are also seeking to improve waiting facilities at taxi ranks, to extend taxi marshalling schemes, provide information on taxi and private hire at public transport interchanges and maximise the use of technology such as smartcards.

Nexus pay for a number of taxi-bus routes in Tyne and Wear, linking smaller communities to local services.  A taxi-bus is a conventional bus service provided using a large taxi, which saves on cost and reduces environmental impact, while still being big enough for the number of passengers expected to travel on each journey.  Passengers pay a standard bus fare and concessionary passes for pensioners, disabled customers and people under 16 are valid, as are Network One travelcards.